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Elite Fitness has been hosting white collar boxing events for years now. So, why not join us at our next event in November 2018 at the Vale Resort, Hensol either as a spectator or as a boxer.


Our 8 week training program is based on 2 min rounds of exercises focussed on footwork, bag work and fitness.

It doesn’t matter how fit you are or how inexperienced you are as a boxer. We know that if you train for something and you take this
opportunity to challenge yourself, the training we provide will change how you move, improve your fitness and increase your boxing skill levels.

Training is divided into two week blocks
- Fitness, Footwork and Punches
- Defence, Combinations & Sparring
- Body Shots, Footwork & Sparring
- Counter Punches, Defence and Sparring

We also throw in eight weeks free membership worth £75! 

So, if we identify that your fitness needs improving you have full access to our training facility and the advice needed to get fighting fit.

This is your chance to learn to box for a good cause.

Entry fee £125 Elite members or £175 non members
SPECIAL EARLY BIRD ENTRY FEE OFFER - £75 (first 10 entries by 16 June)

Price includes a training programme and 1 fight on the 9 November 2018.

Training to start Tuesday 18 Sept 2018 at 7:00pm


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