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Here's what they say:

Asked how his training was going Paul Halford from the publication Athletic Weekly replied:
“Best shape ever possibly!” Paul has taken 4 seconds of his 5k personal best on a hilly course! He has actually finishing far higher in races this winter than ever before. After having only three top-four finishes in races before October, I've had three seconds, two fourths, a win (Cambridgeshire 10-mile champs) and a sixth (Cambridgeshire cross-country champs) in my last seven races.

Hannah Reynold, Fitness Editor for Cycling Weekly says about the Elite Fitness experience:
"When I came to see you my goals were the Mont Ventoux event in France and the UCI Golden Bike in Spain. I was second in France and 5th in Spain - a big improvement on the kicking I expected after coming to see you guys and doing that awful test. Clearly it gave me the kick up the backside I needed. I am still really pleased about winning the Division champs - not least because I've got a nice white jersey with "Champion" written across the back!"

Martin Jones a time trial cyclist returning to the sport after a break wrote:
"Many thanks for the session in Cardiff last Saturday, you have a good set up there and I wish you luck with it. Regarding my results, the information is very good and detailed"

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